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Date Author Title Publisher
1945 Speaight, George Juvenile Drama MacDonald
1946 Bates, H. E. The Cruise of the Breadwinner Michael Joseph
1946 Bowman, Peter Beach Red Michael Joseph
1946 Wade, Rosalind As the Narcissus MacDonald
1947 Beardmore, George A Tale of Two Thieves MacDonald
1947 Bell, Neil Forgive us our Trespasses Eyre & Spottiswoode
1947 Chandos, Dane Abbie Michael Joseph
1947 Clarke, Eleanor The Bitter Box Michael Joseph
1947 Fitt, Mary A Fine and Private Place MacDonald
1947 Fitt, Mary The Banquet Ceases MacDonald
1947 Radcliffe, Garnet The Lady from Venus MacDonald
1947 Sackville-West, Vita The Garden Michael Joseph
1947 Stauffer, Donald The Saint and the Hunchback Michael Joseph
1947 Stoker, Mary Brooke Dark Heritage MacDonald
1948 Beardmore, George Far Cry MacDonald
1948 Beardmore, George Madame Merlin MacDonald
1948 Fitt, Mary Death and the Bright Day MacDonald
1949 Ayme, Marcel The Fable and the Flesh Bodley Head
1949 Dickens, Charles The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club MacDonald
1950 Backmore, R. D. Lorna Doone MacDonald
1950 Barton, Derek Nothing Gross Michael Joseph
1950 Bates, H. E. The Scarlet Sword Michael Joseph
1950 Brand, Christianna Cat and Mouse Michael Joseph
1950 Fitt, Mary Pity for Pamela MacDonald
1950 Thackeray, W. M. Vanity Fair MacDonald
1951 Baum, Vicki Danger from Deer Michael Joseph
1951 Fitt, Mary An Ill Wind MacDonald
1951 Glover, Robert Murderer's Maze Paul Elek
1951 Hodgins, Eric Blandings' Way Michael Joseph
1951 Pargeter, Edith Holiday with Violence Heinemann
1951 Pargeter, Edith Fallen into the Pit Heinemann
1952 Bates, H. E. The Country of White Clover Michael Joseph
1952 Bates, H. E. Love for Lydia Michael Joseph
1952 Cartwight, John False Crest Werner Laurie
1952 Fitt, Mary Death and the Shortest Day MacDonald
1952 Gallico, Paul Trial by Terror Michael Joseph
1952 Hollander, Gwenda The Subborn Field MacDonald
1952 Mackinder, Dorothy The Miracle of Lemaire MacDonald
1952 Powell, Anthony A Buyer's Market Heinemann
1952 Powell, Anthony Afternoon Men Heinemann
1952 Thompson, Reginald Cry Korea MacDonald
1952 Williamson, Henry Donkey Boy MacDonald
1952 Various BANDWAGON: The Journal of Leisure - Volume 13 Norman Kark
1953 Brahms, Caryl & S. J. Simon No Nightingales Michael Joseph
1953 Fitt, Mary The Nighwatchman's Friend MacDonald
1953 Gallico, Paul The Foolish Immortals Michael Joseph
1953 Hanley, James Don Quixote Drowned MacDonald
1953 Mackenzie, Compton Extraordinary Women - Theme and Variations MacDonald
1953 Powell, Anthony What's become of Waring Heinemann
1953 Ramsey, Guy Stop Press Murder Andrew Dakers
1953 Trench, John Docken Dead MacDonald
1953 Williamson, Henry Tales of Moorland and Estuary MacDonald
1953 Williamson, Henry Young Phillip Maddison MacDonald
1954 Fitt, Mary Love from Elizabeth Macdonald
1954 Fitt, Mary The Man who Shot Birds MacDonald
1954 Pargeter, Edith The Soldier at the Door Heinemann
1954 Powell, Anthony From a View to a Death Heinemann
1954 Trench, John Dishonoured Bones MacDonald
1954 Williamson, Henry How Dear is Life MacDonald
1955 Powell, Anthony The Acceptance World Heinemann
1955 Powell, Anthony Agents and Patients Heinemann
1955 Robertson, Helen The Winged Witnesses MacDonald
1955 Shewell-Cooper, W. E. Pot Plants Museum Press
1955 Williamson, Henry A Fox Under My Cloak MacDonald
1956 Cross, Robert Death in another World Putnam
1956 Fitt, Mary Sweet Poison MacDonald
1956 Jenkins, Robin Love is a Fervent Fire MacDonald
1956 Price, Willard Adventures in Paradise Heinemann
1956 Robertson, Helen Venice of the Black Sea MacDonald
1956 Taylor, Marion American Geisha Geoffrey Bles
1956 Tynan, Kenneth Bull Fever Quality Book Club
1957 Aldington, Richard Frauds Heinemann
1957 Brand, Christianna Three Cornered Halo Michael Joseph
1957 Head, Matthew Murder at the Flea Club Heinemann
1957 Houghton, Claude More Lives than One Hutchinson
1957 Powell, Anthony At Lady Molly's Heinemann
1957 Stow, Randolph Act One Poems MacDonald
1957 Turner, E. S. Boys will be Boys Michael Joseph
1957 Williamson, Henry The Golden Virgin MacDonald
1958 Bates, H. E. The Darling Buds of May Michael Joseph
1958 Williamson, Henry Love and the Loveless MacDonald
1959 Bates, H. E. A Breath of French Air Michael Joseph
1959 Kozol, Jonathan The Fume of Poppies Michael Joseph
1959 Llewellyn, Richard Chez Pavan Michael Joseph
1959 Vulliamy, C. E. Cakes for your Birthday Michael Joseph
1960 Bates, H. E. When the Green Woods Laugh Michael Joseph
1960 Jenkins, Robin Some Kind of Grace MacDonald
1960 Powell, Anthony Casanova's Chinese Restaurant Heinemann
1960 Robertson, Helen The Chinese Goose MacDonald
1960 Stanton, Paul Village of Stars Michael Joseph
1960 Vulliamy, C. E. Justice for Judy Michael Joseph
1960 Williamson, Henry A Test to Destruction MacDonald
1961 Baird, Marie-Therese The Scorpions Macmillan
1961 Chandos, Dane Abbie and Arthur Michael Joseph
1961 Jenkins, Robin Dust on the Paw MacDonald
1961 Kelly, Mary The Spoilt Kill Michael Joseph
1961 Kelly, Robert Glynn A Lament for Barney Stone Macmillan
1961 Powell, Anthony A Question of Upbringing Heinemann
1961 Vulliamy, C. E. Tea at the Abbey Michael Joseph
1961 Williamson, Henry The Innocent Moon MacDonald
1961 Williamson, Hugh Ross A Wicked Pack of Cards Michael Joseph
1962 Christie, Kate The Waiting Game Macmillan
1962 Kelly, Mary Due to a Death Michael Joseph
1962 Macken, Walter God Made Sunday Macmillan
1962 Melville, Jennie Come Home and be Killed Michael Joseph
1962 Powell, Anthony A Dance to the Music of Time Heinemann
1962 Powell, Anthony The Kindly Ones Heinemann
1963 Barrett, Michael Task of Destruction Michael Joseph
1963 Brahms, Caryl & Simon, S. J. Don't, Mr. Disraeli Michael Joseph
1963 King, Louise The Day we were mostly Butterflies Michael Joseph
1963 Lawrence, Margaret The Tomorrow-tamer and other stories Macmillan
1963 Melville, Jennie Burning is a Substitute for Loving Michael Joseph
1963 Philips, Mickey Meat Michael Joseph
1963 Shinwell, Emmanuel The Labour Story MacDonald
1963 Vulliamy, C. E. Floral Tribute Michael Joseph
1963 Williamson, Henry The Power of the Dead MacDonald
1964 Brahms, Caryl & Simon, S. J. Six Curtains for Stroganova Michael Joseph
1964 Brahms, Caryl & Simon, S. J. No Bed for Bacon Michael Joseph
1964 Broom-Lynne, James The Trigon Jonathan Cape
1964 Defago, Eva The Deep Freeze Girls Michael Joseph
1964 Household, Geoffrey Rogue Male Michael Joseph
1964 Kelly, Mary March to the Gallows Michael Joseph
1964 Melville, Jennie Murderer's Houses Michael Joseph
1964 Mitchell, Gladys Death of a Delft Blue Michael Joseph
1964 Philips, Mickey Lay Them Straight Michael Joseph
1964 Powell, Anthony The Valley of Bones Heinemann
1965 Caryl Brahms & Simon, S. J Titania has a Mother Michael Joseph
1965 Cecil, Henry Fathers in Law Michael Joseph
1965 Francis, Dick Odds Against Michael Joseph
1965 Hardman, Ric The Virgin War Michael Joseph
1965 Household, Geoffrey Olura Michael Joseph
1965 King, Louise The Velocipede handicap Michael Joseph
1965 Melville, Jennie There Lies your Love Michael Joseph
1965 Mitchell, Gladys Pageant of Murder Michael Joseph
1965 Stow, Randolph The Merry-go-round in the Sea MacDonald
1965 Tripp, Miles A Quartet of Three Macmillan
1965 Turpin, Allan The Box - A Conversation Piece Michael Joseph
1965 Williamson, Henry The Phoenix Generation MacDonald
1966 Glanville, Brian A Roman Marriage Michael Joseph
1966 Kelly, Mary Dead Corse Michael Joseph
1966 Kelly, Mary Dead Man's Riddle Michael Joseph
1966 Lockwood, Myrna A Mouse is Miracle Enough Michael Joseph
1966 Mitchell, Gladys The Croaking Raven Michael Joseph
1966 Powell, Anthony The Soldier's Art Heinemann
1966 Turpin, Allan Beatrice and Bertha : A Novel-Memoir Michael Joseph
1966 Turpin, Allan Ladies Michael Joseph
1966 Williamson, Henry The Dark Lantern MacDonald
1966 Williamson, Henry A Solitary War MacDonald
1966 Windham, Donald Two People Michael Joseph
1967 Bates, H. E. The Distant Horns of Summer Michael Joseph
1967 Brahms, Caryl & Simon, S. J. A Bullet in the Ballet Michael Joseph
1967 Brandrick, Vicky To Let Furnished Michael Joseph
1967 Diment, Adam The Dolly Dolly Spy Michael Joseph
1967 Ellin, Stanley House of Cards MacDonald
1967 Elwin, Malcolm The Noels and Milbankes MacDonald
1967 Francis, Dick Blood Sport Michael Joseph
1967 Guareschi, Giovanni My Home Sweet Home MacDonald
1967 Mitchell, Gladys Skeleton Island Michael Joseph
1967 Nicol, Jean Hotel Regina Michael Joseph
1967 White, Jane Quarry Michael Joseph
1967 Williamson, Henry Lucifer before Sunrise MacDonald
1967 Wood, Herbert Fairley Vimy! MacDonald
1968 Bair, Patrick The Coming Together MacDonald
1968 Bates, H. E. The White Admiral Dennis Dobson
1968 Diment, Adam The Great Spy Race Michael Joseph
1968 Garland, Madge (ed) The Indecisive Decade MacDonald
1968 Guareschi, Giovanni School for Husbands MacDonald
1968 Jenkins, Elizabeth Ten Fascinating Women MacDonald
1968 Kaufman, Sue Diary of a mad Housewife Michael Joseph
1968 Kelly, Mary A Cold Coming Michael Joseph
1968 Kobler, John Henry Luce: His Time, Life and Fortune MacDonald
1968 Powell, Anthony The Military Philosophers Heinemann
1968 White, Jane Proxy Michael Joseph
1969 Guareschi, Giovanni Duncan and Clotilda MacDonald
1969 Weil, Barry Dossier IX Hamish Hamilton
1970 Williamson, Henry Collected Nature Stories MacDonald
1973 Powell, Anthony Temporary Kings Heinemann
1975 Broom-Lynne, James The Colonel's War W. H. Allen
1975 Powell, Anthony Hearing Secret Harmonies Heinemann
1975 Powell, Anthony Books do Furnish a Room Heinemann
1979 Powell, Anthony Venusberg Heinemann
  Powell, Anthony A Dance to the Music of Time (complete set) Heinemann